100% Attendance! 1

Congratulations to Mrs Gladen’s Class! They are the first class to achieve a weekly 100% attendance so far this year. As a reward they get to choose a special class treat…maybe a movie afternoon or a special class party. Our school target is 97% and so far we are in touching distance of this landmark. Well done everyone, keep it up, keep coming to school!

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One thought on “100% Attendance!

  • Craig Watson

    This is a fantastic result and the children should be really proud of themselves. School is such a landmark time in a childs life. It is so important that as parents we get involved in supporting those who are struggling to attend school through illness and family situation. We need our school to reach its goals on attendance but also to exceed the local government averages thus raising our profile as the school best suited to your child,s future. I understand the H & S aspects of having to close the school through exceptional weather circumstances, but we as a community can make such a massive difference to our children’s continued attendance and enjoyment of learning during these testing times. I would like to see a contingency for parents to get involved in helping the school to remain open in some capacity if the snow returns this winter. We can all do our bit to help.

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