Street Party 1

To celebrate the Royal Wedding we are having a street party at lunch time. The children can wear red, white and blue to school and make a hat to wear if they want. There will be a special Royal Lunch too, with sausage rolls, vol-au-vents, filled rolls and more yummy foods. We hope you enjoy celebrating the Royal Wedding. by Chloe-Louise in Class 6.

Thanks you to Chloe-Louise for writing about the Royal Wedding Day celebrations. If you’d like to write something for the school website either give it to Mr. Handy in school or e-mail it to

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One thought on “Street Party

  • Dedorah Mcmahon

    Girls’ were very excitited! this morning getting dressed in red white and blue!! hope they all have a really lovely day’This reminds me of 1977 the Queens silver Jubilee when the streets came alive and people came together to celebrate with our royale family….