Tweeting From London – Now On The Website! 1

Tomorrow, Key Stage 2 will be travelling to London to visit the Maritime Museum. You can follow our progress during the day because we will be Tweeting with regular updates.

You can read these updates ON THE HOME PAGE (newly added…) or, if you prefer, in the following places:

Holy Trinity Halstead Twitter Feed

Holy Trinity Halstead Facebook Page (There is a small delay before updates appear on the Facebook Page)

At the end of the day we will update when we leave and provide an ETA as we drive back. To find out when we’ll be back please check these Tweets if you can, rather than calling the school office, as they will be at least as up to date as the information the office has and it will make life easier for the office staff!

We hope you find the updates useful and enjoyable. 

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One thought on “Tweeting From London – Now On The Website!

  • Liz Williamson

    I loved the fact that the school trip had regular ‘tweet’ updates. I was sitting at my desk at work, wondering how the trip was going and then rememberd to log onto the web site for an update! What a fab idea! My colleagues were all impressed that Emily’s school is so up to date with technology! Keep up the good work. Oh by the way, Emily had a great time, particularly the added bonus of the ferry crossing. Thanks to all who organised it and to all the helpers.