Clearing The Snow 1

Mr. Randall started clearing paths before 7am this morning and with assistance from Mr. Smith, Mr. Handy & ex-pupil Alfie Wyand Brooks he has been working hard to make it more likely we can open tomorrow.

Four hours in and the job’s about half way through. In places the snow was nearly 6 inches deep and it’s been a struggle to know what to do with the snow that’s been moved.

A message from Mr. Smith about today’s closure, and plans to make tomorrow’s expected reopening safer, will be posted on the site later today. Whatever the situation, you will be updated via this website and our Facebook & Twitter feeds as soon any decision is made.

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One thought on “Clearing The Snow

  • Mandy Winter

    You decision to close today was the right thing to do, you wont have pleased every parent cos as usual there will be moaners and groaners but you have my full backing. As you have already stated it depends what the temperatures plumet to tonight as to how safe school grounds will be for children and staff tomorrow. I took a wander down to town and the path beside Richard De Clare was awfull, how they decided to open is beyond me so well done Holy Trinity for actually putting safety first.