The Allocation Of Extra-Curricular Activities

Dear Parents/Carers

We are experiencing significant difficulties fairly allocating places for our after school activities.

The issue that has troubled us for some time is that there are so many children who are picked up by child minders, working parents, relatives or who are simply absent on the day that letters are given out. These children are then massively disadvantaged by a ‘first come, first served’ approach and often miss out on taking part in any after school activities whatsoever.

To rectify this, extra curricular activities that are over-subscribed will be randomly drawn and allocated. Our school has grown to just over 230 children this year, and although we offer a wide range of activities (most of which are provided free of charge, voluntarily by our staff) it is difficult to keep everyone happy. At least this ensures that everyone has the chance of being drawn out – there are some children whose names have remained on waiting lists for months and I do not think that this is fair.

For many activities a draw will not be necessary, but we have found that many new activities are extraordinarily popular. For instance, within two days, 45 children have requested a place in the ‘Baking Club’ – but this activity can only take 18 children. Unfortunately we cannot put on additional sessions for these popular activities due to resources, time constraints and the fact that they are run voluntarily by our staff.

I apologise if your children miss out on an activity they really want to do, but after exploring all options this one seems like the fairest and most reasonable way of ensuring that all children at least have an equal opportunity to take part in our after school activities.

As always, if you have any thoughts on a fairer system or ideas of how we could improve the way of allocating places, we would very much welcome your input.

Clubs will start on Monday 30th April – allocations will be finalised this week and final lists will be displayed on the notice board in the Junior Playground later this week.

Yours sincerely

Jon Smith

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