Sharon Weavers – A Tribute 1

As I am sure some of you know, last week we received some devastating news. Sharon Weavers, one of our much loved, and longest serving members of staff, died suddenly after she was taken ill with a brain aneurysm.

Our love, thoughts and deepest condolences at this time are with Sharon’s husband Will and her daughters Hayley and Tiffany. Sharon was treasured by everyone at Holy Trinity and no words can adequately describe how much we will miss her, but now is the right time to celebrate Sharon, her life, and all that she gave to those who were privileged to work with her at Holy Trinity Primary School.

Literally hundreds of children in Halstead have passed through Sharon’s kind, caring hands during her twenty plus years at Holy Trinity. Mrs Weavers had an uncanny knack of knowing how to comfort, cajole and inspire children in any situation. Mrs Weavers was a wonderful listener; children trusted her and they always knew that they could come to her with their worries and problems and that she would help them.

In the staff room Sharon will always be remembered for her sense of humour. Sharon’s smile and laughter could brighten the darkest of days; she didn’t say a lot but when she did, raucous laughter wasn’t far behind! We all have difficult times in our life and I can speak from experience when I say that Sharon was always there if you needed someone to talk to. Sharon often provided me with the voice of common sense and reason and she was a comforting shoulder to cry on.

We should take comfort in the fact that Sharon lived her life to the full, loved and cherished her friends and family and was someone who always gave comfort and love to those around her. Sharon’s love was special because it was unconditional – she was innocently unique in that she saw the best in everyone. We should all aspire to that.

We will miss Mrs Weavers so much, but her spirit, love and example will live long here at Holy Trinity. We are devastated by this loss and we can shed tears that she has gone, but we should also smile in the knowledge that she has lived and that we had the opportunity to share so much joy and happiness with Mrs Weavers.

Jon Smith – Headteacher

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