Amazing Constructions From Class S!


This week I have selected some stunning pieces of work from Mrs Sibley’s Class. Mrs Sibley’s class were given the task of designing and making their own ‘construction’ linked to our ‘Let’s Build’ theme.

I have to say that this is one of the best ideas and designs that I have ever seen!

David Harkness (Year 5) used a range of pasta shapes (with some wood glue) to produce this amazing crane. The jib and stand are made of dozens of pieces of spaghetti, each one measuring exactly 35mm! An amazing model that represents hours of painstaking work.

It is so delicate (and amazing) that it is now on display in the school trophy cabinet if you’d like to take a look at it.

This igloo is made completely from marshmallows, stuck together with icing sugar – well done Molly Raven (Year 5) a tasty and well thought out creation!

Mr. Smith

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