Gritting On Beridge Road

Snow...We were all very disappointed to see that Beridge Road was not gritted this week when snow and ice had been forecast for some considerable time. In the past I have been assured by Braintree District Council that Beridge Road would always be gritted in the event of snow/icy conditions.

I spoke to The Halstead Gazette this week and, on our behalf, they took the matter up with Braintree District Council. Apparently, the reason why Beridge Road was not gritted was the fact that parked cars made it impossible for the gritting lorry to pass through.

In all honesty, I do not see what can be done to resolve this situation. Residents have every right to park outside their homes and, during gritting times (late evening/early morning) there is no school traffic. I think all we can do is urge everyone to take great care when driving on Beridge Road because it is a difficult road to negotiate in icy conditions.

Braintree District Council have assured us that they will continue to attempt to grit Beridge Road, but that parked cars make it very difficult and, as a result, they are not able to guarantee future gritting.

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