Name Our Giraffe!

Hi Everybody,

I am the Holy Trinity Giraffe. I have come along way to be part of your school, during the year of Colchester Zoo’s 50th Birthday celebrations. Money raised at Colchester Zoo funds numerous animal charities and helps to sustain many endangered species in the wild. As part of their birthday celebration your school are helping to contribute to Colchester Zoo’s fund raising and are donating money to support the very important Umphafa Giraffe Reserve in Africa.

Stand Tall

I would like to ask you all to help with this fund-raising by doing a very important job.. giving me a name!!
By giving 50p to the Holy trinity Giraffe fund, you will have the opportunity to have your chosen name put into Mr Smith’s Tombola. Mr Smith will pull a name from the Tombola during a WOW assembly (date TBA).

I am very excited about becoming a member of Holy Trinity School and look forward to being painted by KS1.

Remember to look out for me around the school and when I am out on Tour in Essex.

As a thank you for welcoming me to your school I am giving you a free entry pass for one child who attends the zoo with a paying adult. You might want to keep this pass till the last week of the summer to come and see me and my other giraffe friends on their fare well tour.

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