New Supermarket Plan For Holy Trinity Primary School Site!

La Foproil

Following all the talk of a new Tesco or ASDA in Halstead, French supermarket chain “La Foproil” seems to have overtaken everybody by announcing plans to buy the entire Holy Trinity Primary site and redevelop it for use as a hypermarket, selling everything from groceries to ski goggles. As can be seen from the map below the entire existing site will be demolished, providing plenty of parking and a large store. Road access is via Chapel Hill, with pedestrian access to town along Beridge Road.

La Foproil

Chief Executive of La Foproil, Charles Marsaud, said “We are very excited to be entering the UK market, and Halstead is the perfect place to start.” Monsieur Marsaud, who grew up in Halstead’s twin town of Harbourdin in Northern France, chose the town and specific site personally. “Écoutez et répétez!” he added later, in French.

As for the school itself, there are plans to build a new school on the land behind High Street in the town centre.



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