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ZooLab by Abbie Willis

On the 6th November it was the ZooLab where you get to see, touch and hold all different types of animals from the rainforest. There are four different parts of the rainforest, they are forest floor, under story, canopy and the emergent layer. First we saw the African Land Snails called Sammy and Sydney, we all got to hold them if we wanted to. They were really slimy and can grow up to two times the size that they were in the rainforest. Next we got out the skinks, they were called Bonnie and Clyde. They loved to climb up our arms! After we said goodbye to the skinks we said hello to the tree frog called Albie. He was wet and slimy and was really strong! After that we looked at the scorpion. He was called Simon and we couldn’t hold him because he has sharp pincers and a stinger. Finally we looked at the corn snake called Drake it felt scaly.

ZooLab by Callum Watson

On Wednesday 6th November this lady came in to see us about ZooLab. At nine o’clock we went into Mrs Rayner’s classroom to see some animals. First we saw two giant land snails then we saw some skinks. I enjoyed holding it, its feet were all sharp, but not sharp enough to hurt you. Next we saw the scorpion, it was great. I think my favourite animal was the tree frog. The last thing we saw was a corn snake it smelt like fish though.

ZooLab by Ellie Hood

On the 6th November was the ZooLab. We had a woman called Sophie come in to show us lots of different animals. All the animals we were shown were from tropical rainforests. We learned a lot about all the animals that came in but also the names of the four parts that the Rain forest. They are the forest floor, under story, canopy and the emergent layer. The animals we saw were from all 4 parts of the Rain forest. First we saw two African Giant snails called Sammy and Sydney. We all got to hold the animals but the snails were the slimiest. After the snails came out the Skinks from the reptile family. They were called Bonny and Clyde and they loved to climb. After the Skinks was the tree frog called Albie. Albie was also a slimy individual. He stuck to all of us with his feet. Then we all said bye and moved on. Next was the Scorpion from the family with the Spiders. We couldn’t touch him because they had pinchers and a stinger. After the Scorpions was the very long Californian Corn, snake who was also from the reptile family. The snake travelled around the classroom in Sophie’s hands and we all held him – 3 or 2 people at a time because he was so long.

ZooLab by Albert Sparkes

My general opinion on this is this was very interesting I learnt a lot. Skink – this was a rough skinny animal with sharp claws. Snake – this was slippery and much more scaly than I thought. And it was so strong. Scorpion – we were not allowed to hold this but it looked great from the outside anyway. Tree frog – this was sticky and had flabby skin. Giant snail – we were allowed to hold this and what an experience! It was heavy and sticky.

ZooLab by Imogen Dockrell

Zoo Lab was great fun! The only animal I wanted to hold was the tree frog. It was very slimy but I still liked it. There was also a skink (lizard) , a snake, a scorpion (we were not allowed to hold it) and a giant snail. It was great fun!

ZooLab by Alex Smith

I think ZooLab was amazing. It was a bit weird when i was holding the corn snake because it was very very cold. The skink had very sharp claws and when it was coming to our table I was very excited because really wanted to hold it. I didn’t want to hold the giant snail because it was all slimy and slippery. When the scorpion came to our table I was a bit scared, but it was in a plastic container, looked very weird but was cool. When the tree frog came to our table I didn’t want to hold it because I hate frogs – they are my enemies.

ZooLab by Benjamin Greengrass

I really liked the ZooLab today it was brilliant! They had about 5 different animals. The first one was a giant African snail, and then they brought out a skink (lizard) – one of them had its tail half bitten off.  But my favourites were the corn snake and the tree frog – it had a pretty cute face and it was very sticky.

ZooLab by Paige Sheppard

The ZooLab was so interesting! It was so much fun to hold these lovely animals. My favourite animals were the corn snake and the skinks. I hope to do this again!

ZooLab by Kian McGuinness

With in this review i’ll be telling you all the different animals ZooLab brought to Holy Trinity. I’ll be starting with the Skink which is probably the most coolest animal that ZooLab brought to the school – I’m sure everyone would agree.

Skink: Now as previously mentioned the skink is possibly the most coolest creature ZooLab brought to us with all it’s many fascinating features and the ways it’s adapted to his/her predators and environment.
Scorpion: With the scorpion i learned a little something about it , how its pincers are used to grab its prey and its tail is used to paralise and liquidise it, basically turning it into a smoothie.
Corn Snake: Now the Corn Snake was awesome. The way the scales were perfectly in line with one another and how the you could feel its muscles moving about. It was just beautiful.
Tree Frog: The tree frog was spectacular and, like the scorpion, I learned that water was essential to the tree frog as it is needed to breathe and hide in, and to catch its prey.
Giant Snail: The giant snail was very cool and probably the most frightening creature Zoo Lab brought to school for me. As I found out it had more than 10,000 teeth, and looked like it was just about to bite me.


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