School Uniform Reminder

As a school we have always made every effort to be fair and reasonable regarding our School Uniform. I am however a little concerned that there are some children who are deviating from our agreed and understood policy. The two current problems are footwear and tights/stockings.

I understand that purchasing multiple pairs of shoes is very expensive, therefore I have always been happy to see children wearing predominantly black footwear as part of the uniform as long as they are predominantly black without excessive amounts of brightly coloured branding! Recently I have seen children wearing jewel-encrusted ballet-style shoes, furry boots and bright orange trainers – this is unacceptable, this type of footwear is totally unsuitable for school.

Finally, I have also seen children wearing black, lace-style stockings in school. Again, this is in complete contradiction with our uniform policy and totally unsuitable for school. I know that the vast majority of families understand my stance on uniform; I have no desire to change our policy but I would urge a minority of families to please exercise common sense.

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