Hedgehog Class 20th-24th April 2015

Hedgehog Class thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story of ‘The Jolly Postman’ last week. After reading the story, the children helped to make a Post Office in the class. Within the post office the children labelled envelopes, delivered parcels, and enjoyed stamping the post.
The children looked carefully at numbers 1 to 20 this week, they then had to use their number recognition when they delivered the post to the correct door numbers.
We also wrote postcards to a friend of family member this week, telling them about our day at school.
In maths, the children learnt about 3d shapes. They acted as postmen and postwomen as they wrapped up the 3d shapes, naming the shapes and the features of the shapes. Please look for 3d shapes around the house and when out and about to enhance your child’s knowledge of 3d shapes.
Within creative development, children worked really hard to use a range of resources to create their own super post bags. They also painted some great pictures of the Jolly Postman.
We learnt how to form the letter ‘h’ this week and continued to practise reading and writing words with phase 3 sounds in.
In Knowledge and Understanding Of The World, the children use a range of 3d shapes in the water tray to discover which objects floated and which sunk.
It was a really fun week and the children are really engaged in their learning! Well done Hedgehogs!

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