New Essex Sumdog Contest!

SumdogSumdog Contests are back up and running again!

We have been entered into the Essex Sumdog Contest, starting at 8.00am on Friday 12th June. To enter all you need to do is login to your Sumdog account and complete as many sums as you can!

In order to qualify at least 10 students must take part in the contest, so please have a go!

There are a range of resources like Sumdog which are available to pupils at school and at home. Links to them can be found on this website’s Tabecat page which also has the address Instructions on usernames and passwords are at the bottom of this page and children do login to many of them at school. If your child is having difficulties logging in to any of these resources please ask them to mention it to their class teacher.

Education City is unique amongst the resources on the Tabecat page as it not free to use at home. The company charge an extra £2 per home user, per school year. If you would like access to Education City at home please send £2 in to the school office with a note and it will be switched on for your child from now until the end of September 2015.


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