Essex Sumdog Contest Update

We’re over halfway through the Essex Sumdog Contest and here’s a round-up of how we’re doing:

In the Class Contest each class (or year group in our case) has to have at least 10 children enter and they are ranked in order of the average number of correct answers given. (Questions are matched to the year groups & automatically to the children’s ability.)

Sumdog logo18th – Year 4 – 191

19th – Year 3 – 190

25th – Year 5 – 165

27th – Year 2 – 157

41st – Year 1 – 96

Year 6 & Foundation haven’t had 10 children take part yet. The 1st place class has an average of 460…

In the Individual Contest it’s a straight race to see how many correct answers you can give. We have three children in the Top 50:

Archie (Y2) is 31st, Miles (Y3) is 43rd & Molly (Y2) is 46th.

This is great going for the whole of Essex!

The contest lasts until 8pm on Thursday so there’s still time to boost scores for yourself and your year group.

On Friday we’ll post news of our final positions, and which child in each year group answered the most questions.

You can access Sumdog via the link on the Tabecat page of the website using your usual username & password.

Good luck!

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