The Case Of The Missing Hedgehog

A shocking discovery was made in Hedgehog Class today! When we went to use our Naughty Hedgehog for our Numeracy game, he was nowhere to be found! Using all the information we have learned this week, the children made an excellent suggestion that this might be a case for a Police Officer. We thought that the Police might be too busy to help us look for our missing Toy, so we decided to investigate the matter ourselves! The children all made excellent suggestions as to what we would need to do to carry out the investigation. We decided to go on a walk around the school to look for clues of our Hedgehog’s whereabouts. The children were very good Police officers, we used magnifying glasses to look for clues and gloves so that we would not interfere with any evidence. They used clip boards and cameras to record what they found.

During our walkabout, we made lots of discoveries and questioned numerous potential witnesses. It soon became clear that we had a number of suspects. When we returned to the classroom we gathered together to look at our photo evidence. We decided that we should gather the photos and place them alongside the suspects to determine who had the most evidence against them. We also decided to measure the key piece of evidence, a footprint, to allow us to make a firm identification. Now we have had the time to consider the evidence we have been able to narrow the case down to three main suspects, who will be brought into our ‘station’ for questioning.

We hope that by questioning these suspects tomorrow we will be able to determine who indeed took the Naughty Hedgehog!

Watch this space….

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