Christmas Gift Appeal

gaz Gemma Frost christmas appeal.jpg-pwrt3This year we have decided that we will be supporting a local charity – The North Essex Christmas Gift Appeal kindly organised by Mrs Gemma Frost. We will be collecting presents here at Holy Trinity from November 23rd to December 11th. These presents will then be given to vulnerable and needy people throughout the local area.

The appeal started in 2008 and since then Gemma has managed to help provide more than 3000 Christmas presents for those without friends or family who have to face Christmas on their own. The appeal focuses on gifts for adults and the elderly so please wrap your present, attach a label/Christmas card (you can say who it is from if you wish, but do not include specific information, your family name is enough). It is also helpful to attach a post it note to the present saying what you have donated, this way we do not send chocolates to someone with an allergy to chocolate or dairy products.

There are very few restrictions on the presents, but due to health and safety legislation they cannot accept hand made items. Suggested items include blankets, hot water bottles, chocolate, biscuits and calendars. Gemma and her team of helpers then distribute the gifts on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Please help if you can!

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