Church Schools Inspection – We Are Good!

On Wednesday 11th May we were visited by Mrs Pamela Draycott. Mrs Draycott conducted a Section 48 Inspection – looking specifically at the ethos, Christian values, characteristics and distinctiveness of our school. The reported highlights the following judgements:

The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Holy Trinity Halstead school as a Church of England school are good:

  • The Headteacher is providing strong and collaborative leadership based on the imperative to improve attainment and progress and on the school’s reviewed Christian vision, mission and values.
    The school is a caring and welcoming place with a strong sense of belonging and community. Positive relationships and exemplary behaviour express its supportive and inclusive Christian underpinning well.
    In keeping with the school’s Christian ethos pupils are known well and are treated as individuals. This makes a good contribution to their personal development and wellbeing.

In addition to the noted strengths, we have been tasked to make further progress in other aspects of our work:

  • Progress Church links given the fresh impetus provided by the appointment of the new vicar.
    Develop reflection areas around the school to be used for prayer in order to increase pupils’ spirituality and the Christian foundation of the school’s life and work.
    Develop an understanding of Christianity as a world-wide faith, and of Anglicanism throughout the world, in order to improve pupils’ religious understanding and cultural development.

As a team we are pleased with the report. We feel that as a school our primary role is to educate our children and develop them as good citizens of the future. We feel that we achieve a healthy balance at Holy Trinity and this is something we wish to maintain.


The children played a large part in the inspection and Mrs Draycott went to great lengths to praise our children for their ‘exemplary’ behaviour and their honest and informative responses! Thanks also to the parents who took time to meet with Mrs Draycott and offer their views of the school.

Finally I would like to thank all the staff at Holy Trinity and especially Mrs Rayner, whose work as co-ordinator of RE and Collective Worship came under the greatest scrutiny. As always however, it was a great team effort. The full report can be found here on the school website; it makes enjoyable reading!

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