Any Old Computer Monitors?

monitorAlthough we mainly use laptops at Holy Trinity each of the classroom’s interactive screens are accompanied by a 15″ computer monitor for staff to use. These screens are not fancy – we are currently using ones that were already quite old when the computer room was converted in 2011!

Sadly, some of the power packs that come with the screens have started to fail, and replacing long-obsolete items would be very costly. We are now expecting the remaining units to fail sooner or later.

So we wondered if anyone has, or knows of a business who has, one or more old flat screen monitors of at least 15″ with power cables that are due for an upgrade (or the tip!) in the near future and that we could have.

These monitors are not vital parts of the children’s education and so we are loathed to spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds on replacing them, but they are very useful and make day-to-day life much easier for staff and pupils.

We don’t mind dust, we don’t mind ugly, so if you do know of any flat screen monitors that we could have please contact the school office.

Thank you,

Karl Handy

Head of Computing/Computing Teacher

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