Using Google Draw, Flamingo Class created firework scenes using mathematical characters. To do this they had to create a text box, type in a number or mathematical word, select the text, resize/colour it, change the font, rotate it, and move it to where they wanted it on the page. And […]

Flamingo’s Number Fireworks

Gecko Class are on fire! Today they were using their developing trackpad and keyboard skills to draw a picture of themselves and their favourite place. Again, they all did everything themselves – logging in to the laptop, setting up their Google Cloud printing, logging in to Purple Mash, navigating to […]

Geckos And Their Special Places

Please don’t forget our Roald Dahl Celebration! Just re-create a new and exciting book cover for one of Roald Dahl’s classics! The finished designs will be displayed around the school. All designs should be on A4 paper (ask your teacher or at the office if you need some) and you […]

Roald Dahl 100 Year Celebration

Apologies for the delay in posting the results of the Digital Photography Competition but here they are with comments from final judge, Michael Murphy, in italics.   1st – Diya. I liked this image for various reasons.  Firstly it feels quite claustrophobic and gives me an impression of being trapped due […]

Digital Photography Competition – Results

The original plan was to announce the winners of the Digital Photography Competition on Monday 11th January BUT we wanted to present the winners with small prizes and they won’t be available until later in the week. So the winners, which have already been decided, will actually be announced a […]

Digital Photography Competition – Update

After Tuesday’s longlist here, in no particular order, are the six photos that the staff voted as their favourites: Semi-Professional photographer Michael Murphy is now considering which of the six photos he feels should be the winner. He has also been impressed with a number of the other images and […]

Digital Photography Competition – Shortlist

During the Autumn Term, a number of Year 5/6 pupils took part in Digital Photography Club after school. Each week we looked at something new: picking a subject; framing & cropping; close ups; action & movement; depth; and editing & effects. At the end of the course the children chose […]

Digital Photography Competition – Longlist