By the time Flamingo Class got to Halstead Park it was heavy rain and we were getting very wet. After a 15 minute break sheltering under the bandstand we decided the rain wasn’t going to stop so we headed back to school. Of course, by the time we reached the school […]

Rain Stops Walk

This week Class NN are learning all about India. We started the week learning about Diwali and how Hindu’s celebrate Diwali. Rangoli Patterns are used to welcome the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi into their home. Class NN created their own Rangoli patterns around different entrances of the school. They looked really […]

India Week In Class NN

Last Friday the two Year 3/4 classes went on a river walk along the Colne. We followed the Halstead River Walk right up to near Bluebridge Estate. During the walk the children looked for habitats and saw erosion, transportation and deposition within a river first hand. We have been studying […]

Year 3/4 River Walk