As part of our Science work on plants, Turtle class went on the hunt for some signs of Spring this morning. Even after our fluffy of snow the signs that Spring is on the way are definitely out there (we promise!) Here are a few pictures that the children took […]

Signs of Spring

Ms Hart, Ms Butterly, Archie, Louie, Connor, Sam, Poppy, Jake, Zak, Yildiz, Elmas, Maisie, Cian & Erin would all like to thank: Thing Me Bobs The Factory Shop Perrywoods for their generosity in donating plants and equipment to get their gardening project up and running. This will be an ongoing […]

Gardening Project

Science week has been great fun – we have created a Science Dictionary using all the scientific vocabulary we have learnt in Year 1. We have also carried out some Science investigations. Solar Ovens – We made our own solar ovens using a cardboard box – lined with different materials. […]

Science Week Fun In Gecko Class

The children have had a wonderful time carrying out all sorts of science investigations over the last few days, as part of a whole school themed week. In Hippo class we have focused a lot on chemical reactions, using everyday substances such as vinegar, salt and bicarbonate of soda. The […]

Hippo Update – Science Week!