Science week has been great fun – we have created a Science Dictionary using all the scientific vocabulary we have learnt in Year 1. We have also carried out some Science investigations. Solar Ovens – We made our own solar ovens using a cardboard box – lined with different materials. […]

Science Week Fun In Gecko Class

The children have had a wonderful time carrying out all sorts of science investigations over the last few days, as part of a whole school themed week. In Hippo class we have focused a lot on chemical reactions, using everyday substances such as vinegar, salt and bicarbonate of soda. The […]

Hippo Update – Science Week!

This week we have continued our animal theme in Hippo class. The children have been using their creative skills in lots of ways, including writing riddles for their friends to solve. They have come up with some wonderful clues and some unusual animals too! The Hippos have also explored different […]

Hippo Update – Animal Antics!

This week the children have been a superb help to Farmer Kylee. He wrote to explain that poor Toffee the cow escaped from Boydells farm earlier in the week and Hippo class designed some wonderful ‘missing’ posters, which we displayed around the school. They were so successful that Toffee was […]

Hippo Class To The Rescue!

Hippos have had a fantastic farm week, starting with our wonderful trip to Boydells Dairy Farm. The children loved their animal adventure, feeding the goats, pigs, lambs, ducks and even a llama, amongst other animals. They were incredibly gentle and brave when interacting with all the animals and we were […]

Hippo Update – Farm Fun!

For the past couple of weeks we have been lucky enough to have a duck nesting near the school office. On Thursday most of the eggs hatched and we got to see the ducklings exploring their new world. The family of ducks eventually headed off down the path and have […]

Ducks Away!