World Book Day

For World Book Day 2017 the children will be creating a series of stories in their classes to make up an eBook called: “The Adventures of Sally, Mo & Pickles!” Each class will be writing their own story involving three characters: friends Sally and Mo, and their pet parrot Pickles. […]

World Book Day 2017

For World Book Day 2017 the children will be creating adventures for Mo, Sally & Pickles! In the meantime Mr. Smith has created another of his World Book Day Competitions which was sent home earlier this week. It’s a family challenge so everyone can join in – Good Luck! Answers […]

World Book Day: Competition & Theme

Last week the whole school had a wonderful time celebrating World Book Day! The children enjoyed ERIC, quizzes and a range of other activities, lots of children also made props from books at home. It was a lovely day of celebrating books and reading!

World Book Day 2016

This morning the whole school completed a Book Treasure Hunt to celebrate World Book Day. The children had to go around each classroom and try to guess what book was represented by sets of clues that were given. They had a lovely morning and are awaiting the final answers in […]

World Book Day 2015

This year for world Book Day each class transformed their classrooms into a ‘book’. On Friday afternoon the children toured the school to view each classroom, they then spent Golden Time in a classroom of their choice completing activities linked to that room’s chosen book. We had a variety of […]

World Book Day 2014