Over the Summer Holidays the school website will be moving to a new server. During this time it will probably go offline for a time whilst everything is tested. We will try and keep any disruption to a minimum. Thank you in advance for your patience.

School Website Downtime

Sumdog Contests are back up and running again! We have been entered into the Essex Sumdog Contest, starting at 8.00am on Friday 12th June. To enter all you need to do is login to your Sumdog account and complete as many sums as you can! In order to qualify at […]

New Essex Sumdog Contest!

The new lunch menu, which starts with pizza tomorrow, can now be found on the school website on our ‘Food’ page: You can get to the ‘Food’ page from anywhere on the site via the yellow ‘F’ on the right hand side of the screen. (See below)  

New Lunch Menu Now Online

The Bug Club update is complete! You can still access Bug Club via but the link has changed so if you have a direct bookmark on your computer at home you’ll need to update it. A few points to note: Children login the same way as before using the […]

Bug Club Update Latest

We have received news from Bug Club that Holy Trinity will have it’s account upgraded on January 21st 2015. Bug Club will still be accessible via this website or and usernames and passwords will remain the same. There is a new look and a number of new features […]

Bug Club Is Upgrading!

It has come to our attention that Vodafone has stopped supporting free SMS updates via Twitter. You can read Vodafone’s statement here. It would seem that this also affects Sainsbury’s mobile customers (who use the Vodafone network) and, for now, TalkTalk. TalkTalk have just announced they are moving their service […]

Twitter Updates & Vodafone

I have received reports that there have been some problems with SMS updates to iPhones. For the past few days some updates have been coming through blank. Oddly these seem only to be updates sent via Twitter, Tweetdeck and Facebook – updates sent directly from the website seem fine. A […]

SMS Update Issues For iPhones

We return to school for the Spring Term on Monday 6th January. Curriculum newsletters will be appearing on the website and being sent home soon, but our whole school topic for this term is and will include, amongst many other things, a reading quest for the whole school! There is […]

Welcome to 2014!

Some of you may have noticed the arrival of a language translation tool to the school website. A while ago we had another language translation facility which we unfortunately we had to remove because the way it worked meant our website kept being blocked by Essex County Council! In its […]

Language, Nyelv, Jezyk, Lang!

The Gardening Club, which takes place after school on Tuesdays, is ever-popular and again supplying the school kitchen with produce! Before the summer holidays the Gardening Club entered the RHS Britain in Bloom “It’s Your Neighbourhood” campaign and, after the judges were given a tour of the school grounds by […]

Gardening Club Update – October 2013