Colchester Zoo Visit – Pupil Reports

Here are a couple of reports on our visit to Colchester Zoo, written by Year 6 pupils.

On Wednesday 22nd September the whole of Holy Trinity Primary School went to Colchester Zoo. All the Year 5s were with Mrs Thrower. We saw lots of different animals such as giraffes, elephants, rhinos, soldier ants, hippos, seals, penguins, komodo dragons, wolves, hyenas, cheetahs and lizards.

After seeing all the animals we had lunch. In my packed lunch I had a cheese triangle, soft cheese and ham sandwich, cookie and a cheery yoghurt. Then we went and saw the penguins, seals, monkeys and even orang-utans.

We soon had a little walk back to the coach. It took us half and hour to get back to school. On the way back I sat next to Maddie and we played games. by Bella.

On Wednesday 22nd September 170 children from Holy Trinity School went to Colchester Zoo to look at the animals and see if is fair to keep them in a zoo or not. When we arrived at Colchester Zoo we got off the coach and lined up. Miss McCullough shouted to say if you want you can get a snack out of your lunch.

Our first animal we saw was the lions. I think nearly everyone said “I have not seen the female lion.” but others said “I have seen the female lion.” and that was aboou 10.30am but it soon ticked by and it was lunch time.

At lunch time it was very noisy and people were saying “I have a chocolate bar!” and others were “I have a cheese sandwich!” and so it went on. Eventually lunch was over and it was about 1pm. by Maddy.

There were five classes of the week (COWs) today because everyone was so well behaved at the zoo. It was a very enjoyable day and certainly added to this term’s whole-school topic ‘Going Wild’. Many thanks to all the parents who volunteered to help, and staff, for leading groups and Miss McCullough for organising it all.

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