A Wonderful Start

On behalf of our staff I would like to compliment all our children for the wonderful start they have made to the year. Our youngest children in Foundation have even started taking part in singing practices during assemblies.

Behaviour in and around the school is simply impeccable. We have also been very fortunate to have over 40 new children join our school…Welcome to all our new families and remember, our doors are always open to listen to you and provide help and support when it is needed.

I would like to pay a special tribute to our two new teachers, Mr Handy and Miss Presland. Mr Handy has already done wonderful things with ICT throughout the school, our website has been completely overhauled and we are already looking to improve our ICT Suite in the very near future; his presence and complete dedication to making learning fun and exciting is just what we needed! Miss Presland of course, is well known to us, and it is wonderful to have her back! In Mrs Barlow?s absence she has settled our new children magnificently – she is an exceptional teacher and already adding new ideas to the team. We are very hopeful that Mrs Barlow will be re-joining us very soon and when she returns she will be delighted to see the progress our new children have made.

On a personal note, it is great to be back. Everyone has been so supportive of my family and our situation – your kind words and support is very much appreciated. Sophie is growing fast, she?s approaching 10lbs and sleeps through the night…what more can we ask! Caroline remains totally focused on beating her illness and amazes everyone with her spirit and resilience – but everyone at Holy Trinity has played their part in enabling our family to face this challenge together…

Thank you again, your kindness and support is inspiring. Jon Smith (Headteacher)

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