Pupil Safety Updates – An Explanation

You may have noticed that we have been dedicating time and effort to pupil safety in and around the school. It is prudent to be careful, but this focus was prompted by two incidents.

Firstly, a pupil on the way to the toilet and, quite innocently, opened an exterior door for a delivery man simply because they thought that was the polite thing to do. Whilst this is very polite and courteous it was also a cause for some concern in my mind. Secondly, we have discovered that some children have stopped doing after school activities but failed to tell the office – this causes problems because our office produces registers for after school clubs. If the child doesn’t turn up we get concerned… As a result we have had a school-wide push to be more safety conscious.

The golden rules are:
• Always let teachers and adults make the decision whether to let a visitor into the building
• If the person that normally collects you from school does not turn up, please tell us, don?t walk off
• If you are no longer taking part in an after school club please tell the school office as soon as possible, and finally…
• Once you are on school grounds in the morning, stay in school (don’t wander off, even to collect conkers)!

We want to be an open, welcoming and friendly school but we also have a responsibility to take pupil safety very seriously; your children are very important to us.

Have a good weekend and take care of each other!

Kind regards, Jon Smith

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