The PTA – A Message From Mr. Smith

Dear Parents, Friends and Families,

I would like to publicly thank the PTA for their incredible work towards the outdoor classroom. This morning as I walked around the playground the children were sitting down quietly having a chat with their friends in their wonderful new surroundings. The work of the PTA really makes a difference to the lives of our children – the outdoor classroom is a living testament to this.

To all those who are thinking of becoming part of the PTA, please do it – we can achieve great things together. The outdoor classroom represents a number of years of fundraising and we will celebrate this achievement at it’s official opening on 20th October after the Harvest Festival.

We are now looking for a new project that will, again, have a last impacting on our children and school, we can all play a part in this vision by becoming a member of the PTA and supporting their work.

Once again, thanks to everyone who continues to help our school and children. It is very much appreciated.

Kind regards

Jon Smith

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