Our Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Earlier in the year we announced our plans to make a greenhouse out of plastic bottles. Since then we’ve had loads brought in (THANK YOU!) but we need more!

To make a plastic-bottle greenhouse we need around 1500 clean plastic bottles and at the moment we’re only about half-way to that target. It would be great if by Christmas we had the bottles we need so we can have it made in time for planting out in the new year.

If you have any plastic bottles that you would otherwise put out for recycling please send them into school.

We especially want 2 litre bottles with

labels removed,

caps removed,

and swilled out.

Doing those three things saves us an enormous amount of time when it comes to sorting hundreds of bottles!

Thank you in advance for your support sending in plastic bottles. The gardens at Holy Trinity are important to all the children at the school and play a really important part in providing a fully-rounded education. Having a greenhouse will be a massive bonus for all our budding gardeners!

PS – We’ve now finished our plastic bottle greenhouse and the photo top-right is it finished! Thanks again to all who brought bottles in.

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