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As part of a range of measures to increase awareness of e-Safeguarding we have added a new feature to

Pupils can now search the internet using Paws Explore directly from the school website, and we will be encouraging them to do so whilst at school. The site has been recommended by e-safeguarding experts as it uses Google’s safety filters by default.

We do, of course, recommend that children are supervised at all times whilst using the internet. Keep an eye out for further e-Safeguarding news, advice and training over the coming months.

This background information from the Paws Explore website:

“Paws Explore search has been designed to provide a safer environment for children to search the Internet. For use at home or in school, children can join the fun characters of Kelly and Robbie in their hunt for information!

Although no search engine can claim to be 100% safe from unwanted content, Paws Explore utilises the SafeSearch facilities provided by Google to help create a safer search experience. Whilst SafeSearch can be accessed from standard Google pages, the Paws Explore technology ensures SafeSearch is forced on for every search!

You should also remember that content on the web is constantly evolving and changing – a site that could be classed as safe one day, may change the next. The same applies to the ad results that accompany all Google search results. If you do see ads that you feel are unsuitable, please do contact us using the form below (with as much information about the ad as possible) and we can submit a request to have the ad removed.”

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