Comic Relief 2011

Comic Relief 2011 certainly seems to have captured the imagination of many of the children at Holy Trinity. On this Friday’s Red Nose Day the following activities have been planned by the children*:

  • Funny dance (during assembly!)
  • Sponsored silence (all morning!)
  • Sponsored silence (all day, wearing silly clothes and with a taped-up mouth!)
  • Sponsored football dribble (all lunchtime!)
  • Funny colouring sheets!
  • Cake sale!
  • Clothes being worn inside out!
  • Going to football club in pyjamas!
  • Painting faces red!
  • Coming to school in pyjamas!
  • Coming to school as a clown (with ‘servants’!)
  • Coming to school dressed as a girl (a boy!)
  • and lots more!

It is wonderful to see the children so eager to raise money to help people in Africa and in the UK, and it’s great to hear from them the stories of how relatives are helping them make cakes or prepare CDs so that they can make a difference.

I’m sure there will be other activities on the day, so small change might be needed in school on Friday!

*All we have done is tell them that they can organise things – the planned events really are all the work of the children.

Comic Relief raises money for people in the UK and Africa. To find out where the money goes to you can click here:


and to see projects local to Halstead that have benefited from Comic Relief you can click here:


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