Please Send In…

There are lots of things going on at school at the moment and this post is a combined request for a variety of things so…

Please send in…Plastic Milk Bottle Tops!

Paddington Bear and Caterpillar classes are collecting plastic milk bottle tops to use during maths lessons. If we get too many we’ll give the extras to charity.

Please send in…Magazines & Comics!

In a bid to widen the range of reading the children have access to at school we have been buying new books, and have subscribed to First News, but old (still readable) magazines and comics are very popular. Rather than recycling them please let us reuse them.

Please send in…Board Games!

If you’re having a spring clean and find some old board games that you’re thinking of giving to a charity shop we’d love them for wet playtimes and Golden Time. Although we do of course add to them ourselves, the current stocks are getting a bit old and tired, so any contributions would be gratefully received.

Please send in…Tesco & Sainsbury’s Vouchers!

We are trying to beat our 2010 total of 20,000.

And finally from the office, please send all monies into school with your child in a sealed and labelled envelope. Any old envelope will do, including ones that have been reused with the help of  a bit of sticky tape – it saves time and helps prevent confusion in the office during the morning rush when money is arriving from everywhere!

Sorry if this seems like a begging letter, but thank you for anything that you do send in.

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