Non-Uniform Day – Interview

A while ago we were approached by parent Simon Tyler about his charity bike ride from London to Paris this May in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer. He asked if Holy Trinity could support the charity ride in some way. This isn’t the first time we have been approached by a parent asking us to contribute to a specific charity (one example is that our long-held association with Samaritan’s Purse came about the same way) and so we were more than happy to see what we could do.

It was decided that next Friday (8th April) we would have a non-uniform day to raise money for the ride, with the children able to come into school in their own clothes for a suggested minimum donation of 50p.

Here is an interview with Simon, conducted by his daughter Jodie, where he talks about the ride to Paris:

“My name is Jodie Tyler. My Dad Simon Tyler is doing a bike ride to raise money for charity. I interviewed him to find out more about it.

Jodie: How many of you are there doing the bike ride?

Simon: There are four of us.

J: When are you doing it?

S: 11th May to 15th May 2011

J: How far are you cycling?

S: We will go about 278 miles.

J: How long will it take you?

S: It will take four days.

J: How many miles do you cycle each day?

S: About 70 miles a day…

Day 1 – We will start at Crystal Palace and head to Calais

Day 2 – Calais to Abberville

Day 3 – Abberville to Beauvais

Day 4 – Beauvais to the Eiffel Tower

J: Are you doing any training?

S: Yes, I’m training every day.

J: Who are you raising the money for?

S: Breakthrough Breast Cancer

J: Why are you raising money for that particular cause?

S: Me and my friends have all had someone that has had breast cancer in their families.

J: Do you wear any special safety clothes?

S: Yes, it is very important to wear a cycle helmet.

J: Do you believe you will do it?

S: How will you get across the sea?

J: By boat.

Thank you Simon for this interview. Good luck on your bike ride. Bye!”

You can see more information about the ride and donate directly via their JustGiving page:

We will report back to you the amount raised next week and how Simon and his friends get on with the bike ride.

This has been a big year for Holy Trinity’s support of charities. So far we’ve raised:

  • £90 for Send-a-Cow at Harvest
  • £190 for Children in Need on a ‘Spotty Hunt’ and non-uniform day
  • 30 shoe boxes for Samaritan’s Purse
  • £600 for Comic Relief doing ‘something funny for money’
  • and there’s still the Easter Eggstravaganza in aid of Cancer Research UK and the non-uniform day to go next week!

Thank you to everyone who has helped raise money for charity or donated via Holy Trinity this year and if you have any ideas for future fundraising ideas or worthwhile causes please contact us.

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