Photo Permission Letters – A Reminder

Last November we sent home a letter seeking your permission to put pictures of your children on the school website. There have been reminders since then but recently it has come to our attention that some people were either unaware that the letters had been sent home or even that they were needed. It is important that we receive a reply for every child in the school and we are still missing, on average, nearly 30% per class. In reality, that figure is actually over 50% in some classes, making the use of photos for the website very tricky indeed.

We want to showcase the achievements of as many children as possible at Holy Trinity, but if a group of six children work on something and two haven’t had permission slips sent in we simply can’t publish their photo. This is a great shame for all of the children involved.

If you have not yet sent in a permission slip for your child you will have received a new letter today. Please fill it in and return it to us as soon as possible. Should the letter get lost in transit, you can download a new copy from the Parents>Documents page of this website. If you have returned a slip, thank you and please spread the word!

It is almost always the case that parents do not mind their children’s picture being used on the website, but we are sure you would agree that it would be incorrect of us to publish images on the internet without first receiving confirmation that that is the case. The need for this letter is, just like the Acceptable Use Policy published yesterday and our new e-safety initiative, based on advice from all county councils across the UK and national educational bodies such as DfE and Ofsted. It is important we stay up to date with Safeguarding guidelines and wherever possible offer help and advice to pupils, staff, parents and the community on safer use of the internet.

Our e-safety mascot Tabecat will be offering advice on passwords later in the week, and if you have any questions regarding ICT safeguarding please come into school and speak to us.

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