Tabecat Competition Winners

Earlier in the week Holy Trinity’s new e-safety mascot Tabecat was released into the wild and today its first advice page (on passwords) is published. Tabecat was inspired by the designs of six pupils following a Key Stage 2-wide competition.

We took all six designs, threw them into a computer and came out with the digitalised design on the right that will be used to promote e-safety across the school. Here are those six designs by Emily, Georgia, Jade, Katie, Lara and Megan. (Click on the thumbnails to see the full designs.)

All six winners will be awarded with certificates during WOW Assembly later today.

Tabecat’s name was chosen because so many children went for names such as e-man, e-dog, e-elephant etc. that we thought a cat in the shape of a letter ‘e’ had to be called e-cat. The ‘Tab’ bit was added afterwards on the insistence of Mr. Smith as a play on words with Tabby Cat. It was because of the Tabby Cat connection that the design’s pupil-led focus group (really!) insisted that originally plain Tabecat be given the stripes it now sports…

Thank you to everyone who entered, we hope you like the finished mascot.

You can read advice from Tabecat on its own page:

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