Royal Wedding Events

There are a number of ways that Holy Trinity is marking today’s Royal Wedding.

Yesterday we enjoyed a street-party style lunch with everyone in wedding hats and wearing red, white and blue. Thank you to the kitchen and office staff for organising the event. Photos of the lunch will be posted on the website next week once staff have checked them against the photo-permission list.

After lunch the choir entertained the whole school with a selection of songs in a Royal Wedding Special!

Whilst everyone was having lunch the PTA took class photographs and will be presenting each child with a special commemorative certificate as a personal reminder of the day. These will be given out next week.

Finally, in a joint action between the school and PTA we will be planting an oak tree in the school grounds next Friday (6th May). The tree will be positioned inside a circular bench for children at the school to enjoy for many years to come. Taking a break from the local elections, Halstead Mayor & Holy Trinity governor David Hume will be attending the planting ceremony which will follow Friday’s WOW Assembly and all parents, carers and friends are welcome to attend. Also in attendance at the tree planting and WOW Assembly will be Executive Head Deborah Bailey who is looking forward to meeting you all.

We all hope you enjoy watching the ceremony in an hour’s time and have a relaxed Bank Holiday Weekend. See you all on Tuesday morning for E.R.I.C.!

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