Maths-Science Week – What’s Happening!

Maths-Science week is taking place between 20th and 24th June and is absolutely packed with fun and exciting learning opportunities.

You can keep up-to-date with what’s going on as the week progresses by visiting but here’s a rundown on everything that’s happening…


The whole school will taking part in a range of extended maths & science challenges within their own classes.


Classes 6 & 7 will be teaming up to save the human race, whilst elsewhere maths & science activities will continue from Monday. On Tuesday however every child will experience the fantastic Space Dome that lands in the school hall early on and stays all day!


Whilst Foundation & Key Stage 1 enjoy the activities laid on by their teachers, Key Stage 2 will be taking part in a special Maths-Science themed Sports Day. Parents are welcome to attend the races being held from 1pm onwards.


For Thursday each teacher has prepared an exiting activity for the whole school during our Round-Robin Maths-Science Day. All the children will move around the school in their class groups so that during at least part of the day we will end up with Miss Presland teaching Class 7 and Miss McCullough teaching Paddington Bear Class.

Then, between 5.30pm and 7.30pm the school reopens for our Maths-Science Evening. The whole staff have prepared activities for pupils and parents to enjoy together. We’d love to see as many of you as possible so if you can, please come and join in the fun!


Friday is ‘Dress-Like-An-Alien’ Day which, as the name suggests, gives the children the opportunity to come to school in space-themed clothes. Don’t worry if you don’t own a full little-green-man costume as any space-themed outfit will do, from Wall-E t-shirts & space boppers to cardboard boxes featuring imaginative use of tinfoil!

During the day each class will be designing and making spaceships out of a range of ‘junk’ materials. If you have any bottles, boxes, pots, polystyrene, cardboard tubes etc. that you’d otherwise be putting out with the recycling this week please send them into school instead – the more ‘junk’ we have the more imaginative the children can be with their designs.

The final creations will be presented in a Special Maths-Science WOW Assembly being held at 2.30pm which will replace the usual morning assembly. As ever, all parents and friends are welcome to join us with our weekly celebration of our wonderful children.

As you can see Maths-Science week is taking over school life for the next five days (and has caused a big change to the school website too – don’t forget to vote in the latest Have-Your-Say poll!) and we’re all very excited about it. Remember you can see what’s going on in school by visiting which we will endevour to update as often as possible, and you can join in yourselves on Sports Day, Open Evening and WOW Assembly.


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