Posting Pictures From Within School Online

Thank you to everyone who attended the Foundation and Key Stage 1 Sports Day week. It was a great success and lovely that the children received such positive support.

Sports Days are an important event in a child’s life and it is absolutely understandable that parents want to take photographs as a momento. There are a growing number of schools that do not allow photography at school events such as sports days and Christmas concerts and, whilst at Holy Trinity we have no intention of enforcing such a ban, we understand the concerns that are leading to such action.

If you took photographs at Sports Day today, or take any photographs of school events throughout the year, we would politely and respectfully ask that they only be posted to the internet on online photo sites such as Flickr, or to social media sites such as Facebook, with parental permission for all of the children who appear in shot regardless of their position or prominence within them.

Whilst it is obviously up to you how you use photographs that you have taken, we hope that you would agree that the posting of pictures of other people’s children online without permission, even behind any of Facebook’s ‘privacy’ settings you may have in place, is not acceptable and Holy Trinity does not condone or encourage it in any way.

The school’s policy on the use of pupil’s photos online can read on this document.

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