A Message From Mrs Sibley

After another year of fantastic achievements, new arrivals and fond farewells I wanted to express my thanks to you all for all of your hard work.

It’s been a difficult but successful year here at Holy Trinity with lots of change and movement around school, but recognition really needs to go to all the children and staff who have pulled together to continue to push the school forward, work hard and achieve so much.

Everyone has earned a well deserved rest over the summer and I look forward to returning in September to exciting times.

We have a fully staffed school for September with two new classes and two new teachers, new building works will have been completed and ICT works will be in progress, enhancing the way we can use technology within the school.

We look forward to the welcomed return of Mr Smith, who we have all missed over the last few months. I once again thank you all for your continued support of the school during his, and my absence.

Have a safe, enjoyable, wonderful holiday and I look forward to seeing you all in September.

Mrs Sibley, Deputy Headteacher/Acting Headteacher

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