Newsletter – 17th September 2011

Welcome to our second newsletter of the new school year.

The school continues to welcome new children into Foundation this week; they have all made a wonderful start to school life and look so happy and content that you would be forgiven for thinking that they had been here for years!

One thing I would like to know are your thoughts on our school dinners. To be very honest, I would have hoped that the uptake of school meals would have increased by this time (I had hoped for 80+ per day). If your children have any thoughts please share them with us through the website or even the school facebook page. If there?s things we need to change I?d really like to know.

Please see on the Calendar page that there are dates for Parents Evenings, booking forms will be going out to families within the next two weeks. We are also trying to collate after school activity timetables for next week. I apologise for the delay but we are working as quickly as we can.

I hope that we will soon be able to tell you more about our ?Around the World Week? – this ties in with our school learning theme and will involve some fun activities for our children.

Have a great weekend, see you next week!

Jon Smith

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