ICT Goes Mobile

Very soon our children will start ‘going mobile’ – our ICT facilities are moving away from static ‘stand alone’ computers and we are moving towards a more mobile approach.

By next week we hope to have improved wireless internet access throughout the school up and running. Then, not far behind, every class will have their own ‘truck’ filled with new laptop computers. We aim to have these new machines delivered and fully functioning just after half term.

You will have noticed that we cannot offer, at the moment, ICT Club. This is simply due to the fact that we no longer have the ICT Suite and, as I have explained, we are waiting for our new hardware to be delivered and configured.

When we have everything in place a new ICT Club is a definite possibility. Currently Mr Handy is offering an ‘ICT Technician’ club – where children will learn how to fix and set up all manner of computer equipment and a ‘Digital Photography’ club.

Children in the Foundation Stage (Miss Presland and Miss Pegram’s Classes) are in for a real gadget treat – a SMART table (see www.smarttech.com/table) and some iPads!

All this will be happening soon, so keep looking on this website, Twitter and Facebook for the latest news.

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