Virtual Learning Platform Launch

Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

As part of our quest to develop ICT facilities and opportunities for our children, we have set up what is known as a “virtual learning platform” with – a proven and trusted provider of ICT facilities for children.

This platform will provide all children with:

  • A school approved email address accessed by a secure log in and password;
  • Private and safe log in facilities that can be monitored by the school and DB Primary;
  • School email that can be accessed at home, 24/7;
  • Access to email through the school website via;
  • An email system that will only allow children to email school staff and other pupils who have an approved email address.

Another excellent feature of the DB Primary system is that we, as a school, can identify certain email address and ‘white flag’ them which means children would be free to email that address as it has educational value. For instance, if we were studying endangered species of animals, it would make common sense for our children to be free to email a reputable organisation such as ‘World Wildlife Fund’ or ‘National Geographic’ – so we would then ‘white flag’ these email addresses which would allow emails sent by the children, to those organisations, through our security filters.

Servers provided by DB Primary would retain all email sent and received for security purposes so we would always have a permanent record of children’s email. The DB Primary system is approved by a whole host of local authorities and, from our perspective, provided an accessible and secure way for our children to experience the benefits of the worldwide web in safety.

We hope to distribute the log in names and passwords to children in the very near future, if you have any question or concerns of a technical nature, please direct them to Mr Karl Handy, otherwise, take a look at the DB Primary website (see above) as it provides you with very detailed information about how the system works.

Finally, please reinforce with your children the importance of password security – we do this at school, but a word at home would support our line of never sharing passwords, even with friends.

Best wishes

Jon Smith                                                                    Karl Handy

Headteacher                                                               ICT Co-ordinator

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