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The school website was relaunched just over a year ago (a year and ten days ago to be precise – I missed its birthday!) and as a reward for having  had over 16,000 visits over the past year I treated it to a redesign over the summer.

It gradually came to my attention that the redesign had not been ideal. Despite testing the site on the XP, Vista & 7 versions of Windows, Apple’s OS X &  iOS 4 and Android using browsers such as Internet Explorer (8 & 9), Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari and finding that all was well it transpired that:

  • On some mobile devices it was impossible to read the entire lunch menu – a major flaw as the lunch menu is one of the most viewed pages.
  • It didn’t print out very well.
  • And most worryingly it had the effect of causing Blackberry mobile phones to reboot.

There has, therefore, been a second earlier-than-planned redesign. Feedback on the new look has been favourable so far and I’m very glad that people seem to like it. Behind the scenes though some important work has gone on and I’d like to share it with you.

  • The redesign now allows all pages, including the lunch menus, to be viewed in their entirety on mobile devices such as Android phones, iPhones and the iPad. Should you still not be able to please tell me.
  • I have added a new print facility that should now make it possible to print out pages of the website in a far more convenient and paper-saving way. Again please let me know how you get on.
  • Finally, I have narrowed down the problem with Blackberry phones rebooting to one of the many plugins that allow features such as videos, slideshows, sound clips, calendars, sitemaps, internal links, maps etc. to feature on the site. There are nearly thirty in all and I don’t own a Blackberry phone to be able to test each one – please believe me that if I did the problem would be sorted by now regardless of how long it took! As I’m having to ask friends to visit the site every now and then this will take time but I will get there. In the meantime please be reassured that there are no problems with other computers, tablets or phones using any form of internet browser. There are no viruses or spyware on the site and it is perfectly safe to visit on everything other than a Blackberry. It is purely down to a ‘rogue’ plugin which I will find… I am very sorry about the situation but promise you I am working on it and I’ll let you know when it’s resolved.

The school website, as with other sites I have managed in the past, is a labour of love and I hope desperately that everyone who visits it finds exactly what they are looking for in a way that pleases their eye and is easy on the temperament. I know that this is an impossible aim but I do try, and I would ask that if you are experiencing a problem with the site, you’d like to see more or less of something, there’s a feature or information you wish it contained, or you just think it’s a wonderful place to spend time (!) that you let me know. Much of the site’s content has been added (or changed) because of feedback I have received from pupils, staff, parents and friends of the school – it’s my ‘baby’ but it belongs to all of you who visit it.

To let me know your thoughts and/or experiences of the site you can e-mail me at, leave a comment below (we only ask for your e-mail address, and website if you have one,  for security reasons – it won’t ever be used for anything else), reply on Facebook or Twitter, or just ask to speak to me at school. You could even write me a note on paper…

I want (and it’s new pupil-aimed sister site to be useful for all connected to Holy Trinity School. As the saying almost goes: “If things aren’t great let me know. If things are great let everyone (including me) know. 

Thank you,

Karl Handy – ‘Webmaster’ & ICT Subject Leader 

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