The Start Of The School Day

Dear Parents and Carers,

Following several observations around school in the mornings I feel I need to write to you all regarding the start of our school day.

Our school day here at Holy Trinity officially starts at 8.55am. This is when the teachers take the register and coming into school after this results in a late mark. We made the decision some years ago to open the doors to the school at 8.40am, allowing time for children to hang up their belongings and settle in to class ready for the start of the school day. This has proved a great success in starting the day with a calm working atmosphere where the children are ready to learn.

It has become increasingly apparent however, that more and more children are coming to school earlier and earlier and waiting on the school grounds for school to start. Many of these children are unsupervised. Many members of staff, including myself, have witnessed children on the school premises as early as 8am unsupervised. This is incredibly early and unnecessary. For the safety of your children no child needs be on site before 8.40am and must be supervised by an adult if on the premises any earlier, as school can not take responsibility for any children before this time.

On Thursday and Friday mornings we run a breakfast club here at the school. On these days the children who attend breakfast club may come to school at 8.15am and have breakfast for 25p. We offer a range of cereals, juices and toast up until 8.30am. After this time children are taken to their classes for 8.40am ready to start the school day with their friends and will therefore be supervised.

I hope you all understand my concerns. Our first thoughts here at Holy Trinity are always for the safety and wellbeing of your children, and I feel that this will prevent any potential problems or safety issues. 

Yours Sincerely

Jakki Sibley

Deputy Headteacher

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