PTFA AGM 2011 – Chair’s Report

Following last week’s PTFA AGM here is the Chair’s 2011 report. News of the new PTFA commitee  and plans for future fundraising events will be posted on the website soon, along with a pictorial reminder of all the items the PTFA have rasied money for over the past few years.

Dear Committee Member, Parents, Staff and friends,

We had a fantastic year last year. Not only did we raise a fantastic amount of money, but as a committee we  all really pulled together to make last year a real success. I want to thank ALL the committee members for  their help, hard work, time and dedication, which contributed to a great year of fundraising at Holy Trinity.

As well as raising money through our regular events like the Xmas bazaar, discos, ice cream sales and  summer fete, we also tried new ideas like the calendars, quiz night and inflatable fun day. We made considerably more profit from the discos last year with the glow sticks being a real hit with the children.
Special thanks to James for organising all the discos. The Inflatable Fun Day proved very successful with the children and families having a fantastic time in the sun. I had a lot of great feedback from this event and it would certainly be worth doing again this year. Thanks to Claire for being the brains behind the event and the main organiser. A big thanks to Karl for his hard work in getting the calendars designed and arranging the quiz night. Karl has already indicated that he is happy to do these again this year so hopefully we can build on the success from last year. The summer fete was very well attended and enjoyed by many of our children, parents, extended family and friends. The non-uniform day in exchange for bringing in a bottle worked extremely well, adding to the great profit made on the day.

The money raised from these events meant that we were able continue our annual expenditure on the Christmas selection boxes, Christmas crackers, Easter Eggs and the Year 6 leavers presents and party. We also donated £100 towards the school choir O2 trip and purchased the oak tree to commemorate the Royal
wedding. Most of the money raised last year will be put towards the AV solution in hall.

We would not be able to raise as much money as we do without the support of the local shops, businesses and companies who have either donated raffle prizes, or sponsored events throughout the year and on behalf of the PTFA I would like to thank them all. In particular to Barclays Bank who have donated a considerable amount through the match giving donation on the Inflatable Fun day and Summer fete.

The PTA also continues to fulfil other roles within the school such as school uniform orders. This enables parents the opportunity to buy school uniform from more than one outlet and is cheaper than our local outlet. A huge thank you to Lisa Hudson and Helen Greengrass for managing this. We also sell second hand
uniform which not only generates some profit but also allows parents to purchase good quality uniform at very reasonable prices.

Finally, we began the year as the PTA and ended it as the PTFA with a new look logo and constitution. I believe we have a good, supportive committee with good links between the PTFA and the school. I hope we can encourage new members to join our friendly, committed and happy group to provide greater support and presence within the school. This will enable us to continue our good work and go from strength to strength so that we can continue to enhance our children’s education and facilities in school as well as provide closer links between home and school.

Thank you to everyone, not just the committee members, but also all the family members, friends and staff who have supported or helped at the Holy Trinity School PTFA events. We really could not do it without all the extended help we get.

Let’s keep up the good work!

Sajel Howlett – PTFA Chair

The PTFA are keen to hold social events at the school during the coming year – please take a moment to vote at the bottom of the page for the event or events you’d like to see the PTFA organising.

This year’s PTFA Christmas Bazaar is being held at 3.30pm on Friday 2nd December, hopefully without any snow!

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