Schools Fantasy League – First Update

Thank you to everyone who entered the Schools Fantasy League this year. The first league tables have been published! Thanks to your predictions Holy Trinity is as high as 239th nationally and 16th regionally – well done!

Well done also to Tom, Conor and Emily, who currently hold the Gold, Silver and Bronze places in the individuals Holy Trinity Schools Fantasy League. It’s still early days yet though as we’ve only had one round of games so far!

Here’s the current Top 10 (allowing for one of Mrs Stokes’ teams to be deleted!):

If your name isn’t there you can see how you’ve done by logging into the Schools Fantasy League website. You can make 25 substitutions over the course of the year so if you’re disappointed with your team’s performance you CAN do something about it!

If you haven’t yet got a team you can still join up for a while longer using PIN 3962 but your scoring won’t include games played before you joined so the longer you leave it the further behind you’ll be.


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