Condition Of Trinity Footpath – A Competition

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am becoming increasingly concerned with the problem of dogs fouling on the Holy Trinity footpath, adjacent to the school. I know that Parents and Children are, quite rightly, becoming increasingly angry and distressed with the condition of this footpath and the fact that there is a minority of dog owners who clearly have little respect for pedestrians or the local environment.

I am quite sure that it is unlikely that parents from Holy Trinity are responsible for this problem, but I would appreciate your vigilance – if you see people allowing their animals to foul in and around our school grounds please let the School Office know. We are keeping a log of incidents and are in consultation with the local dog warden who has promised to make some unannounced visits.

It was reported in the Halstead Gazette this week that Colne Engaine Primary School had a similar problem so they launched a competition inviting their children to design posters alerting local dog owners to the problem; this is a great idea and one that I thought we could follow. Getting children involved in changing our school is something I passionately believe in so I would like our children to produce posters (A4 Size) which will encourage this tiny minority of dog owners to think about their behaviour and deal with dog faeces more responsibly.

We will choose some designs which ‘Solar Graphics’ in Braintree will use to create some permanent signs- these will be mounted on the perimeter fence in order to encourage dog owners to behave responsibly and urge them to keep our footpaths clear from dog faeces.

Children can ask their teachers for A4 paper, they can be designed using a computer or drawn by hand. Children can also use colour or black and white in their designs. The closing date for entries is Monday 12th December. All completed entries should be handed into the School Office – Good luck everyone!

Best wishes,

Jon Smith

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