Headlice Warning

Dear Parents/Carers,

I have been informed this morning that there has been a sudden outbreak of headlice – particularly in Key Stage 1. We do our absolute best to contact parents and carers to keep them informed about outbreaks of headlice but we cannot resolve this problem without co-operation from home.

Children should not have time off school due to headlice but when children come home with headlice then parents must make sure their children’s hair and scalp is free from eggs and lice by treating them immediately. The most effective way to treat headlice is to use a fine toothed headlice comb and a shampoo recommended by your local pharmacy.

I am constantly being approached by parents who are frustrated that despite treating their children’s hair and removing headlice, they are returning to school and catching headlice yet again from children who have returned to school with untreated headlice. Children who have untreated headlice often become uncomfortable and embarrassed so I urge all parents and carers to check their children regularly.

You can download an NHS advice sheet on head lice here, but in brief:

• You need to check with the Chemist which lotion is being used at the moment
• You should carefully follow the instructions for using the lotion
• For the next stage you should check with a toothcomb through wet conditioned hair, for eggs, which you need to pull out
• You need to keep checking in case you have missed any eggs or new live ones which have just come on to the hair
• Head lice like clean hair so just washing and not checking carefully will not clear it.

I must remind parents and carers that we, as a school, have a duty of care towards the children at Holy Trinity; if we have concerns that some of our children are not being treated appropriately for conditions such as headlice we can seek intervention from the School Health Team and Education Welfare Officer.

Please help us to help your children.

Yours sincerely

Mr Jon Smith

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