Breakfast Club Changes

In 2012 we are having to make some unavoidable changes to Breakfast Club – the main change is an increase in the price of admission. From January 2012 admission will be 50p per session. 

Although Breakfast Club is managed on a voluntary basis by our staff, we do incur some minor staffing costs, but the increase has been made necessary by the rapidly rising cost of food, for instance, the price of bread has increased by nearly 100% since we started our Breakfast Club in early 2009 and we cannot sustain this service by charging 25p per session. Research shows that our Breakfast Club, even at 50p per session, is far cheaper than other schools and we believe it is better to increase the cost rather than lose Breakfast Club altogether. Breakfast Club will remain free for children who are eligible for a free school dinner.

The PTFA have always kindly given financial assistance to the Breakfast Club, but we realise that this cannot go on forever, so in 2012 it is one of our aims to look for external funding sources to help secure its future. We appreciate all the hard work that goes into Breakfast Club and the efforts many have made to keep it running – we hope you understand why we have been forced to make these changes. 

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