Introducing The ‘Think & Do’ Project

One of our school development priorities is to encourage our children to learn to become more independent learners.

We want our children to have a greater role in directing their own learning because, as they grow, they should be expected to make more decisions for themselves.

Next Thursday and Friday the whole school will be engaging in a two day event we’ve entitled ‘think and do’ – the aim of the day is for our children to exercise their imagination and independence by deciding what and how to learn (with supervision, direction and guidance from our staff of course).

We have decided upon a theme for the event – time travel – this can (if the children so desire) link with the whole school learning theme of ‘Looking Back’ but essentially, it’s up to our children to decide!

Children will work in groups and, over the two days, plan their learning, the results of which will be presented to their teachers on Friday. The finished work could take any form, written, spoken, designs, drama, graphics etc. the children will make their own decisions.

We will share the results of the ‘think and do’ project in a special Celebration Assembly on Friday 13th January at 2.30pm – as always parents and families are invited.

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